Thursday, 10 March 2011

man: read man pages

man title formats a specific manual page and sends it to your terminal through
more, less, or whatever program is specified in your PAGER environment vari-
able. title is usually a command, device, filename, or name of a library routine.
The sections of the manual are searched in roughly numeric order, although sec-
tions that describe commands (sections 1, 8, and 6) are usually searched first.
The form man section title gets you a man page from a particular section. Thus,
on most systems, man sync gets you the man page for the sync command, and
man 2 sync gets you the man page for the sync system call.
Under Solaris, you must preface the section number with the -s flag, for example,
man -s 2 sync.
man -k keyword or apropos keyword prints a list of man pages that have keyword
in their one-line synopses. For example:
$ man -k translate
objcopy (1)
- copy and translate object files
dcgettext (3)
- translate message
tr (1)
- translate or delete characters
snmptranslate (1) - translate SNMP OID values into more useful information
tr (1p)
- translate characters
The keywords database can become out of date. If you add additional man pages
to your system, you may need to rebuild this file with mandb (Ubuntu, SUSE),
makewhatis (Red Hat), or catman -w (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX).

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